Reception: Sleepless and Endless photography- Day 18 of #blogchatterA2Z challenge


“Lifafa deke photo khichwana hai bas” meaning we want to congratulate the couple and get a photograph clicked with them.

If you have ever been to an Indian wedding you know what I mean. Each and every guest wants to meet and congratulate the newlyweds.Everyone wants a photo clicked.Sometimes in different poses(most popular blessing the couple pose, little children in between the couple pose, standing pose, touching the feet pose, yo yo Honey Singh pose).On top of this, the photographer also wants a hundred poses from the couple for the wedding album.After our Varmala we were taken to the stage for a photo session. From 8.30 pm till 11.00 pm it went on. Oh, you should have seen me. You could cry out of sympathy.The camera flash had given a stroke to my lenses. I had to remove them immediately as it was irritating my eyes. On the other hand, the groom was having a headache from the weight of the Sehra and Pagdi. We both were swearing continuously.The smiles of happiness on our face changed to forced smile with every picture.

It was really kind of our friends and sisters who took care of us and brought something to eat and drink while we starved and grinned cheek to cheek like typical brides and grooms.With this load of photography, we had a huge pile of gifts and envelopes next to us. For which we had suddenly become the chowkidar. Finally, sisters came to rescue and took the burden off our shoulders and sides.This process happened twice, yes you read it right. We had two reception on in Jaipur and another in Bikaner.So the pain had suddenly doubled. We took off immediately after Vidaai and after 6 hours road trip we reached Bikaner. We had exactly one and a half hour to get ready and reach the venue for the reception, the Raj Vilas Palace.Once again we smiled and grinned and posed for the photographer. The guests were quite less as it was a close-knit affair of family and friends but we were so exhausted that even sitting was killing us.Anyways I have told so much about the tiring part but don’t forget getting all the gifts and blessings did cheer us the whole time.How was your reception? Did it turn out to be dreamy or a nightmare?After the photo session, we had a food session. Everyone wants to feed the bride and groom. That was a terrible experience for everyone else but being the foodie I am, it was enjoyable and felt very pampering.Here are some cool things that helped us put the best set of 32 teeth in front of guests and photographers

  • Take a break from photo sessions every 20 to 30 mins to look cool and show off your importance
  • Have a snack or short meals in between to save the guests from Hangry bride and groom
  • Drink a lot of fluids to get back the lost electrolytes and sanity
  • Talk to guests so that you remember them even after the reception. This is very important. People like it when you remember them so making short talks and breaking the ice with some funny talks really helps to build good relations as the first impression.
  • No matter what, remember your smile should be cheek to cheek. No less than this.
  • If possible try to finish loo and other short calls before getting on the stage. But if urgent don’t hesitate to take a leave.

Have you been a bride or groom? How did you handle the reception?I am looking forward to listening to your stories and dreams from you.Think positive and be happy!


Quarrels the ugly dreams : Day 17 of #blogchatterA2Z challenge


Whoever said weddings are just fun and happy moments is lying.

Arranging a love marriage, marrying outside of home town, tying the knot in a Hindu but non-Jain wedding style, getting all relatives to come together for the wedding was not a cakewalk.

Quarrels were inevitable.

The so-called society had everything ready to spoil everything every time.

It was just a few days after our roka. That we started wedding shopping. Whoever has done it before would know how tiring it is. This reduced a lot of my long distance calling with the love and guess what we were always fighting in the little whatsoever time we had.

We would fight and end up rethinking our marriage every day.

Only after an intervention from my mom, we came back to our senses. She explained that it is okay to be physically tired and both of us need to rest and talk more often in the daytime so that we don’t fall in the loop of misunderstanding.

Well, this is just the beginning soon after there was a quarrel in the big ancestral house for the non-Jain wedding. But my Dad was sorted and cool. He just very politely refused anybody suggesting otherwise and decided to move the wedding location to Jaipur for a peaceful event.

It’s not easy to be calm but he showed nothing is impossible.

This one is amazing. My sister was already quite upset with the splurge. She fought with my parents and made them promise that no such show shaw should happen at her wedding.

Some more coming up. As you would have understood. Family drama is never ending at weddings. Special in Rajasthan, every house has its own Balika Vadhu kinda story. We had a wonderful wedding plan but as usual, some brains work extra smart. Censoring who what why. Due to some confusions, the Milni gifts did not reach to the right people. So this confusion did upset some guests but once again Dad came to rescue he handled it quite maturely before it turned any uglier.

Then came time for Vidaai but due to some traditions, my grandfather wouldn’t let anyone take my luggage out. He was furious and was ready for the sword battle (Mewar blood is hot) I could see. This time mom came as the saviour and somehow cooled him down.

There are too many family secrets to spill but I will wait for the next post to continue.

Remember be ready for the ugly side of this beautiful affair.

  • Stay calm and drink a lot of water.
  • Distribute the work and keep workload off your shoulders. Relax and get a spa if possible.
  • Have a backup plan. Have backup cash. Have a backup team for major functions. Have a friend who can console when you cry. Have a sister to vent out your feelings to.
  • Keep fewer confusions as they will help a lot to be patient.
  • Be confident and remember anything can be done anywhere in India. So changing locations, trousseau, stylists, event managers is possible.

Finally, think positive and be happy!

Pinterest the dream app: Day 16 of #blogchatterA2Z challenge


It was a year before my wedding when I found this wonderful mobile app.

I was enchanted with the ability to add pins to my board. You would only see me pinning the whole day. I literally spent 3 hours a day sometimes.

I was always animated and obsessed to plan everything about my wedding.

Pinterest is the perfect application to visualize my plan.

Check out some of my Pinterest boards here👇Outfits for ladies: Ethnic wears I love

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Wedding accessories: Accessories

My sister called me a freak. I prefer research analyst. After all, I plan to marry only once.

What did you do that drove everyone crazy in your wedding? Don’t forget to like and comment.

Each of your comments is encouraging my spirit.

Think positive and be happy!

Out of the Seashell : Day 15 of #blogchatterA2Z challenge


When I wrote the title of the blog today I literally meant it. let me tell you how?

As you would have known by now Wedding is a big deal for my family. Each function has to be the best that we can arrange.

So when it was time to plan it had to be the most enchanting moment. It had to be different from all the events happening in that wedding season. My family and the event managers were coming up with the dreamiest ideas.

Here are some of the out of the box ideas they had been churning for the Bride and Groom entries and Varmala-

  1. Rotating stage with rose petal showers: The bride and groom would climb stairs and reach a rotating stage where the Varmala would take place. This was very popular during those times so it definitely was discussed but due to commonness, we had to leave it. Let me tell you the rose shower smells so sweet. I definitely wanted it.
  2. Rajputi Entrance with live fire acts: The bride and groom would climb down the royal staircase of Amber villas with a troop of fire dance performers. It definitely was a beautiful sight. Since it went quite well with the Sangeet outfits we choose to use this for the sangeet.
  3. Smoky walk down the aisle: The event manager suggested to make a pathway for our entrance and would fill it with smoke only slowly at our entry the smoke would reduce and I would look as if we emerge out of nowhere. It sounded quite beautiful and magical but would be shortlived. So once again it was parked aside.
  4. Flying entry on the Moon: This was the perfect dream entrance I could ever imagine. Here both of us would be sitting on a moon prop and after taking a round in the air and waving to everyone we would land on stage. sadly I was overweight and it was not safe with all the weight from the ghagra. I really wish someday I can do this.
  5. Entry in Doli for the bride and Car for the groom: It did sound simple so the event manager himself said not to go further on this style but nowadays it is catching up and becoming the latest trend.
  6. Out of the Seashell: A small hydraulic stage was set up inside a Seashell. When the seashell opens the stage will take up the bride and groom for the Varmala. As soon as this was described my uncle said: “This is it, we have to do this”. We actually did it with rose petal shower and fireworks in the sky. I remember one of my cousins telling me it looked like a beautiful dream. Nobody knew it was going to happen. The element of surprise was key for this. Seashell looked like a decoration piece so it was a surprise when it opened. Seeing us inside it was like the WOW moment of the wedding.

I did enjoy the celebrity status in my wedding and these beautiful creative ideas made it out of the world experience for everyone.

Do plan your wedding with surprises for everyone and fill it with wow moments. It makes it a memorable one.

Think positive and be happy!

Nek and shaguns of my wedding : Day 14 of my wedding dreams – #blogchattera2z challenge


A wedding in my family is no less than a major (family) milestone. We celebrate it like Diwali.

Every prayer, ritual, offering, event, invitation etc. happens with the mahurat, nek and shagun. You may call this superstition or tradition. But that is a completely different topic which I might touch sometime later this year.

We all want smooth and happy proceedings so any token amount or gift required to be given as shagun or nek to a person is considered legitimate. It us out of respect and love for that person. This is no way dowry-related.

List of nek and shagun is endless but I am mentioning some interesting ones for you amazing readers.

Joote ka nek – This is every sister’s dream. Remember that song ‘paise do joote lo‘ from the famous Hum Apke Hain Kaun movie. The bride’s sisters hide the groom’s shoes and in favour to return the shoes, they ask for nek which groom needs to pay (mostly cash is preferred as a lot of sisters need to divide the nek).

Kajal ka nek – When an auspicious event like wedding starts the aunts of the bride usually do the ritual of putting kajal to ward off evil. So as gratitude, a nek is given to the loving aunts.

Mehndi ka nek – I did not share it in the previous post as I intended to share it here. The mehndi artists who put my bridal mehndi ask for a nek. The tradition of putting mehndi is so special and sacred that there is no payment its always a nek.

Kalash ka nek – The aunts and friends of the house very painstakingly carry the Kalash from potter’s house to the bride’s place. Finally, to get it inside the house my uncles and my dad had to give nek to all those who carried the Kalash.

Vinayak ka nekBrothers who sit with the bride for starting the festivities with Ganesh pooja get a special nek. This is usually for little kids of the house. It us to involve them in the festivities and hero them interested and occupied.

Baarat ka nek – When the baarat arrives near the bride’s house the sisters usually run to inform the elders whoever does it first will get the nek from brides father. It’s fun to watch the race.

Pagfere ka nek – After phere bride goes to grooms place with her sisters and brothers who will bring her back home for one last time before she sets on for the journey to grooms house. All the sisters and brothers get a nek for accompanying the newly weds.

Ghodi ka nek – When the groom climbs on the ghodi or horse to go to the bride’s house for the wedding then the groom’s sisters-in-law holds the bridle of the horse. She would only leave it and let the groom go after getting her nek.

Dwaar rokne ka nek – When the newly weds arrive at grooms house the sister’s of the groom holds the entry door and would only allow after they get their nek. A nek of her choice obviously. It is a comedy to watch when you have elder sisters like in our case. Lovingly they also got gifts for us.

Muh dikhayi ka nek – When the grooms family meets the new daughter-in-law it is customary to give her nek. All elders show love and bless the newly-weds

I had a great time seeing all these customs. It’s a fun-filled, affair full of love and respect for one another.

Share your views and comments reading this series.


Think positive and be happy!

Mehndi Ki Shaam: Day 13 of #blogchattera2z challenge


Mehndi is every bride’s favourite accessory.The colour and the smell of mehndi is like a drug.

If you have seen any Yash Raj movie you would know how important is mehndi for an Indian bride.

Every bride gets her mehndi function and I got two. Yes, I had two mehndi functions.This function is mainly for all the ladies of the house, bride and groom. But there are no restrictions so all are welcome.

Since my wedding was going to be in Jaipur, my relatives in Bhilwara, our home town, were quite upset as no functions were planned to happen there, so, my dad agreed to host a Mehndi Shaam and dinner function.

He had arranged Rajasthani seating, musicians, skit performers and dances. A group of mehndi artists was hired for putting mehndi to everyone.

There was special treatment with fresh flower gajra, bangles in a batua and a box of Shaadi ka ladoo which was given as a token of love and gratitude for attending this function in Bhilwara.

All my Pinterest research worked well. Head over for the vast collection of pins.

My sister was going to join us in Jaipur but due to this sudden new plan, I wanted her to be with me. I did little drama I must confess. My dad arranged everything just so that she can come to Bhilwara. She reached an hour after the function began.

The smell of mehndi for me is like Red Bull which gives me instant freshness and energy.In the very tiring eventful week of festivities, a few things like music, mehndi and food helped me relax and fill up the lost strength.I and my sister both are crazy fans of mehndi.

There are so many types of bridal mehndi but I have always wanted the marwadi style mehndi on hands and feet. I also got my husband’s name written on my hand in mehndi. Using my celebrity status I wanted to get the best mehndi for myself. I wore lehenga, flower and gold jewellery for this mehndi function. I wanted to dance as well but with menhdi still wet I could barely move my feet.

It took almost 5 hours to get my mehndi done. And sitting this long was challenging. I was ready to sit longer if I had to just for the mehndi. Thankfully the ladies who came for putting my mehndi asked to set up my seating next to a wall for back support.

We also had one more mehndi at Jaipur wedding location for all the rest of family members and friends. This was a full day affair but other functions like haldi, hathdaan, kalash were going on in parallel.

The lavish wedding ceremonies were my dream. I am grateful for everything.

Some folk stories say the colour of mehndi tells the love of a husband for his wife.

A funny game for the wedding night for the bride and groom is to find the name written in the mehndi. I got the alphabet written separately and only I knew where it was.

It’s a superb ice breaker.Think positive and be happy!!

Location of my royal wedding: Pride Amber Villas Jaipur – Day 12 of #blogchatterA2Z challenge

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It was not a planned decision.This location was selected in the last months before my wedding.

Jaipur is very accessible via road, air and train hence, it was decided to search for a location in Jaipur.

All thanks to my uncles and aunts who managed to get the booking done for 3 days at this beautiful palace like resort.

It had a Haveli which was designated for the events like Haldi, kaankal dolda, Tel, Vinayak, etc.

It had huge banquet halls which were used for other functions like Maayra, Bhaat, Padla, Sangeet preparations etc.The in-house restaurants were cosy and accommodation for breakfast and lunch.

The Rajasthani village style Vatika restaurant was perfect for our theme lunches.

The beautiful gardens, pool and staircases made it picture perfect location.We used the gardens in front of the rooms for the Sangeet and Wedding ceremonies.

The idea of staying together in a resort was a super hit! It gave us a lot of time to bond. We were always on time for our functions.

It was a never-ending picnic!

This was not my dream but the beauty/of this resort, decorations and arrangements made me feel special and princess just like in my dreams.Think positive and be happy!Coming up more wedding fun. So stay tuned!

Kanya and Kalash: Day 11 of #blogchatterA2Z challenge

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For every wedding in my hometown, the Kalash is important.

There is a special ceremony to bring the Kalash for the wedding. Every guest coming to the marriage used to be welcomed traditionally by doing a small pooja with a Kalash.

The guest would then put a token or entire amount of their contribution to marriage in this same Kalash.

This Kalash is also given along with the girl during Kanyadaan like earlier times even today. This Kalash is also used to welcome the groom.

The ladies of the house would take a procession to potter’s house and offer prayers to the potter’s wheel.

With Kalash in hands or head, the procession returns with pomp and show. They then bring home Kalash for the wedding.

I have always wanted mom, my sisters, aunts, and friends to carry the Kalash for my wedding. I had chosen some specially designed and decorated Kalash for this ceremony.

Take a sneak peek of this function from my wedding. It was a pleasure to watch these ladies.

Think positive and be happy!

Jewellery Glitters and Jitters: An expensive dream- Day 10 of #blogchatterA2Z challenge

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Almost a year before my marriage I moved to my home to stay with my family. Every night before sleeping I would spend hours thinking about the wedding, planning my looks for each of the events, taking inspiration from other brides.

I was always worried about how will the bridal jewellery look on me. I wanted to keep it simple yet royal and elegant. I dreamt so many things when it comes to jewellery. Spoiler alert read only if you are sitting comfortably on a well cushioned surface. (I don’t take any responsibility if you get hurt while laughing at me or if you go crazy rolling on the floor after reading this).Let’s start with my favourite one. It was just before the week my husband was supposed to meet us in Kolkata for shopping. I was dreaming that we bought a platinum ring for the Roka ceremony and a gold ring with solitaire for the Engagement ceremony. I was dreaming that I am wearing them every day, flaunting it to every person I meet. The ring would glitter so much that a director from one shooting in nearby film city would request me to give this ring for his movie shooting because it was the best engagement ring. Don’t judge me a bride can go crazy with her imagination.

Next serious dream was immediately after the roka when I was hooked to getting platinum rings for both of us. I saw that one day my husband would forget his ring in the washroom and I would hide it so that I can sell it and buy a diamond bracelet for myself. Confessions, I definitely did not do anything like that but even today if my husband can’t find anything in his closet he will start teasing me asking for how much was the missing items sold.

Hold on it’s not over yet. One night I dreamt that I was wearing jewellery top to bottom. I went crazy a few times and even tried to replicate this dream with all my jewellery, my mom’s and my sister’s jewellery. Well, it was the bride in me going crazy all the time.Anyways, now that I have told you about these you should also know there were a few dreams which were emotional and very dear. I saw myself wearing my mom’s wedding Rajputi ghagra choli and jewellery. My mother had carefully stored her wedding jewellery from her father as they are the last memories of him. As a little girl, I would wear them and often pretend to be a princess, so when it was time I did wear them for my sangeet.

To understand how important is jewellery I will share an incident: For one of the occasions, I forgot to carry bor (Rajasthani maangtika) to parlour and was almost in tears but my uncle drove 20 kms in thirty minutes just to make sure I wear what I have always wanted.Some combinations that we tried for me and my sister-

  • Mom’s Gold jewellery with gota patti work ghagra on Sangeet
  • Diamond jewellery with heavy gota, pearl and cutwork embroidered saree on Roka
  • Polki choker with teardrop pearls with wedding ghagra
  • My sister paired Swarovski work saree with elegant gold chain
  • Diamond jewellery with a pink evening gown
  • I got a platinum ring for engagement and solitaire ring as wedding gift

Stories and feeling just don’t end but I am going to rest for today.Do share your views about wedding jewellery (we all know it’s an expensive affair and emotional too but, I would really love to hear from you)

Think positive and stay happy!

Check out my crazy Pinterest board for the amazing research I did on jewellery. Do follow for great ideas.

Read more on this series #blogchatterAtoZ challenge #myweddingdreamsbyurvashi










I love you forever Dreams Day 9 of #blogchatterA2Z challenge

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I love you forever dream
Love marriage or arranged marriage -Here is the love forever dream.
I love you forever in my eyes with the smile you have me when I proposed
I love you forever in my ears for the silly songs you sang for me
I love you forever in my heart for the kindness you shower on me
I love you forever in my stomach for the half cooked burnt food you made me eat
I love you forever in my feet for the walk we walked together
I love you forever in my hand for the grasp that held me tight in the rain
I love you in my arms for the hug that makes me feel at home
I love you forever in the mind which just thinks about you day and night
I love you forever in my voice for the confidence you give me when you stand with me
I love you forever in my sweat for the insane amount of workout and running you make me do for my health
I love you forever for the care you show for me
I love you forever for the love you show for me
I love you !

This poem clearly states the dreams of love I had then and the dreams I have now! This dream is constant and everyday it just strengthens the bond of love between us.

Hope you enjoyed the read ! What is love for you?

Why do you say I love you forever?

Share in comments your I love you forever story or moment.